Some people have the pleasure of actually doing what they were born to do and Eric B is doing just that. Ever since he was a young man, Eric B has known he would be entertaining audiences with his amazing God given gift: his voice. He brings such beautiful, inspiring lyrics and a soulful, refreshing sound to today’s music, apparent on his debut EP, “Finally…”. Eric B’s good looks, sexy swagger, and ability to be humble yet confident makes him an artist that fans want to get to know better.

Eric attributes his love for music and his desire to sing to the first love of his life, his mother. His mom would play everything from Earth Wind & Fire to The Chi-Lites to Peabo Bryson. Eric now gets his inspirations from those artists as well as artists like Babyface and Ne-Yo. He’s been perfecting his craft of entertaining for years with some of the most popular bands in Dallas, and on faith and encouragement from those around him, he’s stepping out on his own.

With “Finally…”, Eric B made a life long dream come true, making music he wanted to share with audiences around the world. “More than anything else, if any words or anything you could get from it have a positive impact on your day, that’s the thing that I hope for the most”. Musical and lyrical diversity brings scores of fans tuning in to hear everything from the upbeat, mesmerizing “Sexy (The Remix)”, to the masterfully reignited Alexander ONeal ballad, “Sunshine”, to the EP’s title song “Finally…”, where Eric B tells his listeners that a love of a life time can finally be found. Eric collaborated with some of the most creative writers and producers to add “several different textures and styles” to accompany his voice.

As Eric B chases the sounds of the first clap, he keeps his heart where it belongs: with his fans. His biggest passions for helping others involve sheltering the homeless, and fighting the ever growing battle of cancer. “No Matter” is an anthem for not giving up and getting through every day with strength and courage from within.

With his number of fans growing rapidly, from Asia to Europe, Latin America to Canada, Eric B will take to the mic to engage and entertain. He knows it’s what he was meant to do. “A very special person said to me one day, ‘God has a song for you to sing, you’re going to find it and sing it’, and that’s what keeps me going”.